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Unfamiliar Office rejects ‘supposed’ Indian Army’s dossier

ISLAMABAD: Responding to the “bogus” charges evened out by India, the Foreign Office on Thursday dismissed “unmerited claims” evened out by the Indian Army through a “dossier” that was accounted for by certain sections of the Indian media. India Today asserted that Pakistan is helping assailants to invade across the boundary for “fear exercises.”

While answering the cases, FO said: “We comprehensively reject this misleading and created purported dossier, the announced items in which have been made utilizing disinformation, counterfeit declarations, and hints that look to redirect the world’s consideration from India’s own shameless and legitimate mission of state-psychological oppression and far-reaching common freedoms infringement in the Indian-involved Jammu and Kashmir (UK).” As per an assertion given in such a manner, the FO representative expressed that on many events, direct connections between the decision BJP and culprits of brutality in the UK and different spots had surfaced.

“Pakistan has consistently imparted to the world certain proof of Indian occupation powers’ gross and far and wide infringement of common freedoms abetted by draconian regulations in the UK through thorough, proof-based dossiers. “These gatherings have widely reported reality behind India’s dynamic preparation, advancing, helping, abetting, funding and execution of psychological oppressor exercises in Pakistan,” the assertion read.

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