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Sector H-13 somewhat sinks after heavy rains : Islamabad’s

ISLAMABAD: Flash floods set off by four hours of heavy rains caused boundless obliteration in Islamabad’s Sector H-13, where the water went into the houses on Saturday. According to the subtleties, the capital city got relentless weighty downpours combined areas of strength for with for somewhere around four hours. Following the weighty showers, water went into the houses in the low-lying area, making misfortunes of millions of rupees for individuals. The occupants grumbled that the salvage groups didn’t arrive at the area to help those abandoned. Later in the first part of the day, Commissioner Irfan Nawaz said that Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad alongside the area organization was depleting the water with de-watering siphons.

Rawalpindi As per the Met Department, 56mm of precipitation at Zero Point and 54mm at Golra 54mm was kept in Islamabad, Bokra got 51mm of downpour, Syedpur got 47mm, and the air terminal region got 40mm of a downpour. In the meantime, 45mm of downpour fell in Shamsabad and 43mm in Chaklala. The Met Department said that the discontinuous downpour will go on until tomorrow.

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