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Karachi: City might get light downpour today

The development of a climate framework because of mugginess and warm climate in the city might cause precipitation in the city again today, as per top meteorologist Dr. Sardar Sarfaraz. The meteorologist said that Karachi is probably going to get light downpour at night in Hub, Gadap Town, and Surjani regions while the Thatta-Karachi waterfront belt may likewise get some pre-storm downpour. The weighty showers made monstrous gridlocks on significant lanes due to the gathering of water, and power blackouts in a few regions.

“An unforeseen development of downpour causing cells towards Karachi from Lasbela and Uthal in Balochistan made light-moderate downpour after a solid residue storm in various areas of Karachi. The most noteworthy measure of the downpour was kept in Nazimabad at 38mm,” Dr. Sardar Sarfaraz told The News.

He expressed that there were few possibilities of downpour in Karachi affected by a downpour causing framework dynamic in the nation, yet outrageous intensity conditions in the city and the extra-soggy circumstances gave phenomenal circumstances to the downpour making cells float towards Karachi and cause downpour. Prior to the day, we were don’t know of the downpour, however when downpour cells began framing at night in Balochistan and began moving towards Karachi, we imparted the chance of downpour to the PDMA as well as the media,” he said.

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