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Dua Zahra’s younger sister sister send on Eid?

In a disastrous video, Dua Zehra’s more youthful sister, while wailing, begged her more seasoned kin to get back so they could observe Eid ul Adha together. In the video, which is doing the rounds via online entertainment, her more youthful sister, with tears overflowing in her eyes, could hear expressing: “The two of us sisters are missing you [Dua Zahra]. We have not observed Eid at this point.”

Dua, 15, had stood out as truly newsworthy of the nation after she had bafflingly vanished from Karachi in April however later pronounced that she had taken off from her home to wed 21-year-old Zaheer Ahmed. Answering her dad’s inquiries, who doesn’t show up on the screen, she requested that Dua “get back.”

A day sooner, Mehdi Kazmi, Dua’s dad, recorded a directive for his little girl on Eid ul Adha, imploring that this celebration would be the final remaining one without his girl. “Your sisters are sitting tight for you, your mom sobs for yourself and I am standing by restlessly for you,” expressed Kazmi while tending to Dua.

He said that it is difficult to live without Dua. “We love you and I am not annoyed with you,” he added. Making a request, Dua’s dad said he trusts nowadays pass as fast as could be expected. “You will get more love and fondness than previously,” said Kazmi.

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